Withdrawing funds from   Maps  IG   is simple and secure. To withdraw funds from your account please complete the Withdrawal Form in the below link and email it to us at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Terms & Conditions for Withdrawing Funds:

  • Funds can be withdrawn to a bank account or PayPal account in your name only. Maps IG will not process any withdrawals to a third party.

  • All requests to withdrawal funds are processed the same working day Maps IG   receives the Withdrawal Form. If the form is received outside of the office working hours (7:00-16:00 GMT), on weekends or national holidays, the Withdrawal Form will be processed the following working day.

  • Maps IG will always confirm to you by email when the funds have been withdrawn from your Maps IG   account.

  • Funds withdrawn to a PayPal account will show up in your account within 24 hours of receiving your Withdrawal Form. And the funds withdrawn to a bank account will reach to your bank account in 2 - 4 working days.

  • Maps IG Does not charge any fees or commission for withdrawing funds. However, please note that PayPal and the banks that we deal with usually charge fees / commission for their services:

Note :

Additional charges might also be applied by an intermediary bank and/or your bank for the use of their services.