Maps Investment Group LTD, also known as Maps IG , through its company values of honesty, clarity and integrity, aims to provide a superior online forex brokerage service.
Through its provision of online forex trading and commodity trading services, Maps IG has grown into a global player in the currency trading industry and has undergone rapid expansion and continues to grow as traders become aware of the benefits of trading with Maps IG.
The main objective of Maps IG is to diversify itself from any other online forex broker on the basis of exceptional customer service for its traders and provision of a strong trading and forex market education, to allow clients to make better informed trading decisions.

MAPS IG’s mission is to:

  • Maintain its leadership position in the online forex market.
  • Continue expanding into new markets and strengthening its global presence.
  • Continue to offer innovative investment products to traders.
  • Constantly introduce new benefits and services for its valued clients.
  • Strengthen its partnerships with all existing, potential and future introducing Broker and white label partners.